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  • Contingencies and Emergencies
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    Contingency and Emergency Operations

  • International Space Station Emergency Operations, Mission Operations Directorate, 20 October 2000 [English - Acrobat]

    According to this document's introduction: "In case of emergency situation the crew is responsible to record GMT and report to MCC at earliest available comm pass The crew bears all responsibility for any actions performed in departure from the crew procedures ISS CDR is responsible for crew and station safety, ISS CDR directs and coordinates all crew activities Crew member in charge of a station segment is responsible for performance of all the segment-related actions." This 65 page document contains a varety of emergency procedures to be followed in case of leaks, fires, and other emergency situations.

  • Integrated Russian Segment Emergency Operations, Mission Operations Directorate, 1 August 2000 [English - Acrobat]

    According to the dcoument's introduction this 45 page document contains " crew procedures determine initial order of crew actions in case of depress and fire at the 2R flight flight phase These crew procedures may be updated ISS assembly, pending systems modification and procedure validation at simulators and training facilities."

  • International Space Station Complex Operations Emergency Procedures All Expedition Flights, JSC-48512-E1, Mission Operations Directorate, Operations Division, August 16, 2000 [English - Acrobat]

    This 155 page document covers a variety of procedures for the crew to use in dealing with emergency situations aboard the ISS.

  • ISS Program Off-Nominal Situation Plan, SSP 50562, 27 October 2000, [Word 1.0 MB]

    "The International Space Station (ISS) Program organizations review potential Off-nominal Situations (ONS) to ensure that timely decisions and plans are made to preserve the ISS mission plan and mitigate any potential safety risk or impact on research. The prevention of and recovery from ONS is taken into consideration in all phases of the development and operation of the ISS. Potential ONS are identified and assessed by all ISS program organizations. Redundancy built into the ISS hardware and systems, operations planning for reserve crew supplies in case of missed resupply, propellant reserve supplies, critical spares, and malfunction procedures are examples of program processes designed to overcome or mitigate the risks of ONS. This document describes the overall ISS Program ONS processes, development schedule timeline, and documentation product flow for defining, planning, and documenting ONS and agreed to response measures in order to ensure that the appropriate flight products are developed and executed."

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