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Space Station User's Guide
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User's Guide Sections
  • Acronyms
  • Assembly/Resupply Missions [Old]
  • Contingencies and Emergencies
  • EVA Operations
  • Shaded Images: ISS-3A to ISS-3S
  • Element Drawings
  • Logistics Vehicle Capabilities
  • Medical Operations
  • Operations
  • ISS Computer Systems
  • Tracking
  • ISS Overview
  • Science and Utilization
  • Schedules and Plans
  • Imagery
  • Weather
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    Space Station Overview
    Space Shuttle Overview

  • Space Shuttle Reference Manual, NASA PAO: A document created to inform the press about all aspects of Space Shuttle desgin and operations. Although written in the 1980's, most of this information is still very accurate.

    Space Station Overview

  • International Space Station Reference, NASA Human Spaceflight: A comphrehensive overview of the ISS program incuding the program's hardware, assembly and resupply missions, schedules, and research goals.

  • Space Station Launch Site Home Page, NASA KSC: this site gives an overview of the processing and logistics required at Kennedy Space Center to assemble and operate the ISS.

  • The International Space Station, Canadian Space Agency: an overview of the ISS and Canada's participation in the program.

  • Space Station Overview, Boeing: ths is a general overview of the ISS by Boeing, the ISS program'sprime contractor.

  • International Space Station, NASDA: Overview of Japan's participation in the ISS program.

  • ISS overview, ESA Directorate of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity: "this Web site section presents the European view on the International Space Station. It explains the reasons why Europe is participating in the programme, introduces the European-built hardware elements, and describes the utilisation potential of the station."

  • International Space Station Assembly: Overview, Shuttle Press Kit, Boeing/USA: An overview of the ISS program including the various components, assembly flights, and overall goals of the ISS program.

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