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This Week at NASA: Water, Water, Everywhere

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
April 11, 2015
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This Week at NASA: Water, Water, Everywhere
This Week at NASA: Water, Water, Everywhere

On April 7, a group of NASA experts held a panel discussion at the agency’s headquarters about recent discoveries of water and organics in our solar system, the role our sun plays in water-loss in neighboring planets, and our search for habitable worlds among the stars.
Understanding the distribution of water in our solar system tells us a great deal about how the planets, moons, comets and other bodies formed. Recent findings related to water by several NASA spacecraft are helping to inspire the continued investigation of our origins and the fascinating possibilities of life on other worlds in the universe. Also, 3-D printed parts back from space, Small Business Administrator’s Cup, Student Rocket Fair, #NoPlaceLikeHome and more.

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