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This Week at NASA: Innovation in Aviation and More

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
June 19, 2016
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This Week at NASA: Innovation in Aviation and More
This Week at NASA: Innovation in Aviation and More.

On June 17, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden gave the keynote address at the Aviation 2016 conference in Washington.
The speech entitled “Concept to Reality – Our Journey to Transforming Aviation,” focused on NASA Aeronautics New Aviation Horizons, a 10-year research plan based on the president’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget request. The plan includes developing, manufacturing and flight-testing several experimental aircraft or X-planes. During his address, Bolden also highlighted the agency’s first X-plane designation in a decade. The X-57, nicknamed “Maxwell,” is an experimental airplane with propellers powered by 14 electric motors. The five-day conference also featured details on a set of roadmaps created by the agency to guide research in finding solutions for safe, efficient growth in global aviation operations; innovation in commercial supersonic aircraft and ultra-efficient commercial vehicles; transitioning to low-carbon propulsion; real-time, system-wide safety assurance; and assured autonomy for aviation transformation. Also, Juno’s Mission to Jupiter, Cygnus Departs ISS, New Commander Aboard the Space Station, and Engaging Women and Girls in STEM.

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