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This Week at NASA: Earth Day, Humans to Mars and More

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
April 26, 2014
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This Week at NASA: Earth Day, Humans to Mars and More
This Week at NASA.

NASA activities for the celebration of the 44th Earth Day included an event at Washington, DC’s Union Station, featuring Hyperwall and Science Gallery exhibits highlighting the agency’s Earth science work to understand and protect our home planet.
Online, people around the world were encouraged to post a photo of themselves with their local environment as a backdrop — as part of NASA’s global “selfie”, to promote environmental awareness. 2014 is the first year in more than a decade that NASA is launching five Earth Science missions into space. Those missions will address critical environment and climate related challenges facing our planet. Also, Humans to Mars, Space station spacewalk, Two-day rendezvous test, Science & Engineering Festival, FIRST Robotics championship and more.

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