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The Deep Space Network NASA Social – Celebrating 50 Years

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
April 5, 2014
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The Deep Space Network NASA Social – Celebrating 50 Years
The Deep Space Network NASA Social

To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN), the world’s largest and most powerful communications system for “talking” to spacecraft, we invited 45 social media followers to spend a day at JPL and a second day at the DSN Goldstone antenna complex.
This show aired live on NASA TV on April 1, 2014, from inside the Deep Space Network control room at JPL.

Speaker Program

Veronica McGregor, JPL News & Social Media Mgr.
Joseph Lazio, Chief Scientist of the Interplanetary Network, JPL
Bobak Ferdowsi, MSL Flight Engineer

Ann Devereaux, MSL Deputy of Entry, Descent and Landing
Steve Collins, Attitude Control Engineer
Doug Ellison, JPL Visualization Producer
Ashwin Vasavada, MSL Deputy Project Scientist

Linda Spilker, Cassini Project Scientist, Voyager Scientist
Marina Brozovic, JPL/Goldstone Radar Team Scientist
Badri Younes, Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Communications and Navigatio

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