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Space Travel and Couture Comes to the Cannes Film Festival

By Marc Boucher
May 5, 2012
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Space Travel and Couture Comes to the Cannes Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival

If you’re planning to go to the Cannes Film Festival, and you’re a space fan, then the place to be is the self-described “Out-of-the-box” VIP Astronaut Party at the Villa Oxygene on May 19th, if you can get in.
Organized by Richard Nilsson and promoted by Virgin Galactic accredited space agents Jean-Luc Wibaux and Ronald Heister, the event includes spaceflight veteran ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and a fashion show.

“The challenge is to consider what space travel will contribute to our society” say Jean-Luc Wibaux & Ronald Heister. “We need affordable space travel to inspire our youth, to let them know that they can experience their dreams, can set significant goals and be in a position to lead all of us to future progress in exploration, discovery and fun”.

According to Heister, international fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker will show his couture collection on space travel and dancers of the National Ballet of Limoges (France), Tuscany (Italy) and Holland’s prime time television programme “So you think you can dance” will provide a unique intergalactic dance performance, powered by Diego Cosignani Productions.

The event is said to attract “Celebrities, venture capitalists and future astronauts”. Cannes it seems will be a spaceport of the entertainment variety this year. Oh, and there will be space bubbles … by Bollinger.

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