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Newly Formed Impact Crater Discovered On Mars

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
February 20, 2023
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Newly Formed Impact Crater Discovered On Mars
Newly Formed Impact Crater

This impact disturbed dust over an area more than two kilometers wide, large enough to be visible in Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MARCI daily global images.

The largest new crater is about 35 meters in diameter, making it the about the 16th largest new crater found on Mars. By “new crater” we mean that its formation is documented by before and after images, usually acquired by MRO’s Context Camera.

There are many other new craters formed up to a kilometer away from the biggest crater. These appear unusual for secondary craters produced by the main 35-meter crater, and are probably more like primary craters resulting from fragmentation of the bolide high in the Martian atmosphere.

PIA25710 Date Created:2023-01-31 Larger image

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