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NASA Seeks Nominations for the Planetary Science Advisory Committee

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
March 14, 2023
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NASA Seeks Nominations for the Planetary Science Advisory Committee
Exoplanet with an exomoon

The Planetary Science Advisory Committee (PAC) supports the advisory needs of the Planetary Science Division (PSD), the Science Mission Directorate (SMD), and other mission directorates as required, as well as the NASA Administrator.

The advisory scope of the PAC includes all aspects of NASA’s planetary science program, including scientific research; considerations of the development of near-term enabling technologies, systems, and computing and information management capabilities; and developments with the potential to provide long-term improvements in future mission operational systems. Responsibility for biological planetary protection is outside the purview of the PAC.

NASA’s PSD is extending an invitation for nominations for service on the PAC. Interested members of the community are invited to review the charter and to submit nominations (including self-nominations) for consideration to fill vacancies on the Committee

Additional details can be found at More information on the PAC may be found at

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