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NASA FISO Presentation: High-Efficiency Electric Motors/Generators for Exploration

By Marc Boucher
November 5, 2015
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NASA FISO Presentation: High-Efficiency Electric Motors/Generators for Exploration
NASA FISO Presentation: High-Efficiency Electric Motors/Generators for Exploration.

Now available is the October 21, 2015 NASA Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon material. The speakers were Frank Eichstadt (MS Space Architecture) and Dan Jones (Geentech Motors) who discussed “High-Efficiency Electric Motors/Generators for Exploration”.
Dan Jones has 55 years of experience as an electric motor and generator design engineer, chief engineer, principal investigator and program manager. He is considered by many industry leaders to be “a living encyclopedia of motion control engineering and marketing”. He has been named to Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide as Professional of the Year for Engineering- Electric Motors. In 2014 he was honored with a lifetime achievement award recognizing his life-long contributions to the electric motor industry. As founder and CEO of Westlake Village-­‐based Incremotion Associates, Inc., he has provided engineering and marketing services for the electric motor and motion control industries worldwide. He has completed over 100 different electric motor designs of a wide range of permanent magnet, conventional induction and new electric motor technologies. He has trained corporate staffs of Fortune 100 companies in the use of motor design and simulation programs. He is a frequently invited Conference and Seminar speaker and has authored over 250 papers and technical articles on a wide range of electric motor and motion control subjects. Twelve (12) of his electric motors were installed and used in NASA’s Viking spacecraft which successfully landed and operated on Mars in 1976 and held the record for the longest Mars surface mission until that record was broken by the NASA Opportunity Rover in 2010.

Frank Eichstadt began his life as a designer as a child helping his father design RVs and designing and producing minibikes with his brother and friends in the 1960s. His inquisitive nature was evident in the machines he salvaged from junkyards to disassemble, analyze, and discover what made them work. Being recognized for his art talent and academic aptitude throughout his school years, he was introduced to the Industrial Design profession as a high school junior while attending a University of Illinois summer program for gifted art students. He has never looked back. Frank earned his bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois in 1979, after which he worked in diverse industries on projects ranging from commercial sporting goods to industrial equipment, aviation and NASA commercial space flight systems. Frank earned his Master of Science Degree in Space Architecture from the University of Houston in 2011. Capable of effectively working with multidisciplinary teams, Frank has earned a reputation as a creative catalyst and problem solver, an effective communicator, and an insightful strategist. He currently lives with his wife Carol in Kemah Texas, where he owns and operates Oaktown Innovations, a company dedicated to creative problem solving and entrepreneurial pursuits. He enjoys the outdoors, music, bicycling, travel, motorcycling, technology and his career as a designer/engineer/space architect and entrepreneur.

Listen to podcast of “High-Efficiency Electric Motors/Generators for Exploration” telecon:

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