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NASA Enlists Actor Seth Green to Promote Spinoffs

By Marc Boucher
June 10, 2014
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NASA Enlists Actor Seth Green to Promote Spinoffs
NASA jet with winglets.

Actor Seth Green is a longtime NASA fan and was all too ready to once again help the agency get the message out that the work it does has everyday applications to general public. In this case the focus is on NASA improves long distance travel here on Earth.
The video by Green highlights two of NASA’s spinoff’s feature in the Spinoff 2013 book, winglets and improved design for car seats.

“NASA technologies improve our everyday lives, including providing us with safer, cleaner modes of transportation, supporting millions of passengers and packages traveling by air and ground everyday with efficiencies, comfort and safety,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer Program executive. “The program works to bring the cutting-edge technologies developed for NASA missions down to Earth.”

“NASA’s Technology Transfer Program is charged with finding the widest possible applications of agency technology. Through partnerships and licensing agreements with industry, the program ensures that NASA’s investments in pioneering research find secondary applications that benefit the economy, create jobs and improve quality of life.”

NASA’s spinoff technologies appear on the NASA Spinoff website at:

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