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NASA Begins Psyche Mission Review

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
July 18, 2022
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NASA Begins Psyche Mission Review
Psyche spacecraft

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have commissioned an independent review of the Psyche mission.

The review will examine project and institutional issues that led to the Psyche mission missing its planned 2022 launch opportunity, and to review the mission’s path forward. The 15-member review board will be chaired by retired NASA official Tom Young and is slated to begin work on July 19.

The review will study factors of workforce environment, culture, communication, schedule, and both technical and programmatic risks. Results of this study will help inform a continuation/ termination review for the mission, as well as provide NASA and JPL with actionable information to reduce risk for other missions.

The board is expected to brief their findings to NASA and JPL leadership in late September.

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