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NASA Ames Director Pete Worden Talks Small Satellites

By Marc Boucher
November 19, 2012
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NASA Ames Director Pete Worden Talks Small Satellites
Pete Worden at the Canadian Space Summit

Last week at the Canadian Space Summit Pete Worden was one of the invited keynote speakers. His topic was Small Satellites for Science and Other Uses and as an example: Earth Observation, promises and challenges. Among the technologies he discusses is the Interplanetary Internet and what the future might hold. The talk is about 30 minutes with a 12 minute question and answer session.
Throughout the week we’ll be posting most of the talks from the Canadian Space Summit on SpaceRef Canada. Included is an interesting panel discussion titled: The Future of Human Exploration with panelists: Former Senator and Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt, Pete Worden, retired Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason, space policy expert Pascale Ehrenfreund, cartographer Phillip Stooke and industry expert Nadeem Ghafoor.

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