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Lori Garver Is Leaving NASA

By Keith Cowing
August 5, 2013
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Lori Garver Is Leaving NASA
Lori Garver

Sources report that NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver will be leaving the agency in a few weeks to take a non-space job in the private sector. A formal announcement is expected tomorrow (Tuesday).
No word yet as to who will replace her – or if a Deputy Administrator will even be named.

Dan Goldin managed to do without one for a decade and it is unlikely that the White House would want the distraction of a confirmation hearing right now – one where any question about NASA would be fair game for the nominee.

Its more probable that they will leave the position empty or make someone (like NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot) Acting Deputy Administrator for the time being and punt on anything formal.

Stay tuned.

Keith’s update: Sources report that Lori Garver will be heading to the Air Line Pilots Association.

Keith’s 8:00 pm update: The following email was sent to a large number of people by Lori Garver:

“After quite an extensive decision process, I have decided to make a career change. I will be resigning from my position as NASA Deputy Administrator, effective September 6 and have accepted a new position in the private sector outside the space industry. NASA will be sending out a formal announcement tomorrow with all the details. It has been great working with you all these years and I’m sure that our paths will continue to cross. As you know, I’ve been a long-time aerospace community member, but I am also excited to take on this new challenge. This change comes at the same time David and I are starting a new chapter personally, with our youngest headed off to college in a few weeks – so big changes ahead. There will definitely be time for a “proper” goodbye sometime over the next month. Until then, thank you for always being there for me and for a better future through space development.”

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