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A Conversation with former Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao

By Marc Boucher
April 21, 2012
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A Conversation with former Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao

SpaceRef had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Leroy Chiao at the 28th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. Dr. Chiao is a veteran of four flights into space and was the Expedition 10 commander and NASA science officer on his last mission to the International Space Station.
In our conversation with Dr. Chiao we discuss his latest, and one of many of his ongoing endeavours, including his new role as a Special Advisor – Human Spaceflight for the Space Foundation. We also discuss his experiences working in a collaborative environment with the partners of the International Space Station, education, biomedical research and the current state and future of space exploration.

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