Why Does NASA Ignore NASA Tech Briefs?

By Keith Cowing
January 17, 2012
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Why Does NASA Ignore NASA Tech Briefs?

Last night I subscribed to NASA Tech Briefs magazine. Within a few minutes I got 5 spam emails asking me if I wanted to subscribe to NASA Tech Briefs magazine – which is what I just did.

This publication has always perplexed me since NASA pays little or no attention to it. The NASA Office of the Chief Technologist web page makes no mention of this magazine – and NASA TechBriefs makes no mention of NASA OCT on its website. This seems to be a wasted opportunity: an overtly NASA-branded magazine about new technology and spinoffs that is ignored by NASA.

NASA Tech Briefs also seems to have not totally gotten the social media thing down yet. They have a Twitter account @NASATechBriefs – but the last time it tweeted was on 23 June 2011 – in fact there were only 10 tweets during the entire year of 2011. Gee, I would think that with all of NASA’s cool stuff that the magazine would have a little more than this to tweet about. Their Facebook page is inert.

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