Vanguard Approaches Half A Century In Space

By Keith Cowing
November 3, 2007
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Vanguard Approaches Half A Century In Space

Editor’s note: I received this note the other day from someone at the NASA Alumni League:

Calling all Vanguardians:

On March 17, 2008, the Vanguard One satellite, the oldest object in space from Planet Earth, will complete its 50th year in Earth orbit.

A small group of former NRL and NASA folks has been in communication, and a number of government agencies have been asked to commemorate the event. At this writing, there are no formal celebrations scheduled for this event. The National Academy of Sciences has scheduled some seminars to mark the 50th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year, but at this time, this is the only official observance known.

If for no other reason than exchanging greetings on the occasion, the small group would like to have names and e-mail and/or postal addresses and telephone numbers of persons who worked on Project Vanguard at the Naval Research Laboratory, with a Project contractor, or with AFMTC (AFETR) in support of the Project. If a celebration of any kind materializes, this will provide a database for notifications.

If you were affiliated with Project Vanguard, please send your name, affiliation, etc. to vanguard2008@yahoo.com.

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