STS-101 Launch Scrubbed for a Third Time. Next Attempt in May

By Keith Cowing
April 27, 2000
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STS-101The launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on the STS-101 mission, originally scheduled for Monday, 24 April, was scrubbed for a third time on Wednesday because of unacceptable weather. On Monday and Tuesday, the launch was scrubbed because of high winds at the emergency landing strip at KSC. Today the cause was bad weather at the emergency landing sites in Spain and Africa. The soonest another launch attempt can be made is 18 May. This is due to the fact that several launches and vehicle system tests are scheduled for nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station between now and the middle of May.

The primary mission of STS-101 is Space Station Assembly Flight ISS-2A.2a, a cargo and logistics flight. The launch date for STS-101 was postponed due to continued launch delays with the Russian Service Module and problems with Atlantis’ speed brake. NASA split the original STS-101 mission (2A.2) into two very similar missions. Mission (2A.2A) will fly to ISS and service the FGB to prolong its ability to function without the Service Module. The other mission STS-106 (2A.2B) will fly to ISS in the Summer of 2000 after the Service Module is delivered.

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