State Dept and Boeing At Odds About China Tech Transfer

By Keith Cowing
January 4, 2003
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  • 2 January 2003: [Excerpt Re: Boeing and Hughes] State Department Daily Press Briefing 2 Jan 2003

    “MR. BOUCHER:  I said Boeing bought the company from Hughes after all this had happened, but they’re still the responsible party to respond to these claims about the unit and what it did.”

  • 2 January 2003: Statement from Randy Brinkley, President of Boeing Satellite Systems, Regarding Department of State Allegations, Boeing

    “Boeing Satellite Systems takes these charges very seriously. It is important to remember that these charges relate to events that occurred in the 1990s when Hughes Space and Communications Company was under different management and before Boeing acquired the satellite business. As a condition of the acquisition, Hughes retained responsibility for resolving these China matters and for paying any resulting fines or penalties.”

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