SpaceRef Launches New Magazine Space Quarterly and the SpaceRef Forum

By SpaceRef Editor
August 3, 2011
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SpaceRef Launches New Magazine Space Quarterly and the SpaceRef Forum
SpaceRef Launches New Magazine Space Quarterly and the SpaceRef Forum

SpaceRef, a provider of new media services since 1999, announced today that it was launching its first magazine, Space Quarterly, in both digital and print format. Space Quarterly will be published in two editions: a U.S. edition with an international section and a Canadian edition. To complement Space Quarterly, SpaceRef will also launch a new online service, the SpaceRef Forum, where readers can participate in ongoing discussions on topics covered by the magazine including commercial space, space policy, military space and other timely topics. Both new products will be available September 1, 2011.

Space Quarterly will offer articles that are longer and have more in-depth reporting, analysis, and context than our existing “Space News as it Happens” web sites. Articles in our premiere edition include an in-depth Q&A with XCOR Aerospace CEO Jeff Greason, The Philosophy of Lunar Commercialization and Economic Development, SpaceX: Vision vs the Market and much more.

“Last month the Shuttle era came to an end. Some people see that event as the end of the space era, but the reality is we’re moving on to another space era, one where more nations are emerging as space nations, one where the commercial space sector is seeing opportunity and growth, one where the foundation for space commerce and human exploration beyond the moon becomes a reality.” said Marc Boucher, CEO of SpaceRef. “It is that growing market and the demand for our services that we launch these new products. Our audience over the last couple of years has asked us to provide them with new services, services that will allow them to be more engaged. Space Quarterly and the SpaceRef Forum are those new services.”

An introductory subscription rate is now available through September. For more information and to subscribe please visit http://spacequarterly.com

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