Spacelift Washington: NASA spending continued at ’01 level

By frank_sietzen
October 26, 2001
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WASHINGTON – In a rush to adjourn due to Anthrax fears, the
U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-Defense budget extension
yesterday that continues spending for most federal agencies, including
NASA, at their 2001 budget levels until Halloween. The Continuing
Resolution (CR) extends authority for federal spending from 16 October 2001 until
31 October 2001 according to the language contained in H.R. 69, sponsored by Rep. C.W. ‘Bill’ Young (R-FLA.). Young is the Chairman of the House
Appropriations Committee.

The first CR passed by the Congress in late
September extended spending to the original 16 October 2001 date. The 2002
Fiscal Year began on 1 October 2001, but Congress has been unable to pass
most of the 13 spending bills for the fiscal year, with the exception of
the federal DoD budget. A third CR extending the FY 2001 budget cycle to Friday 16 November 2001 is now considered likely.

Most other non-defense related budget bills
remain marooned in a House-Senate Conference Committee, victims of a
shrinking legislative year and the current emphasis on anti-terrorism
and homeland security issues.

Sources close to the conference members
suggest that NASA will get considerably more than the administration’s
request, including $125 million for the space station’s Crew Rescue
Vehicle omitted from the Bush spending plan submitted last March.

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