Spacelift Supplement: Priority Ranking for 2000 DoD Space Experiments Review Board

By frank_sietzen
February 25, 2001
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Supplement to: Spacelift Washington: DoD Space Guide Details Microsat Development Plan, Space Demos – and – DoD SERB Heads for Mid-cycle Review

Last year, 39 experiments were ranked by the SERB and sent to STP for processing. Each year, individual services conduct their own internal review of candidate space experiments, and forward their lists to the SERB board where in the fall a prioritized ranking is assembled.

Priority Ranking for 2000 DoD Space Experiments Review Board

  1. ONR-0001 Indian Ocean METOC Imager (IOMI)

  2. AFTAC-00 01 Cibola Flight Experiment (CFE)

  3. AFRL-903 Technology Satellite of the 21st Century (TechSat21)

  4. NRL-702 Spatial Heterodyne Imager for Mesospheric Radicals (SHIMMER)

  5. NRL-506 Ionospheric Mapping and Geocoronal Experiment (IMAGE)

  6. AFRL-807 High Speed Optical Intersatellite Link (OISL)

  7. AFRL-705 Atmospheric Density Specification (ADS)

  8. NRL-301 Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System (RAIDS)

  9. NRL-0005 Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite – Acquisition Experiment (OMPS-AE)

  10. NRL-805 Tactical Ionospheric Monitoring System (TIMS)

  11. DARPA-0001 Orbital Express Advanced Technology Demonstration (Orbital

  12. ASPWS-701 Space Tissue Loss (STL)

  13. PL-902 Integrated Solar Upper Stage (ISUS, aka SOTV)

  14. NRL-907 Growth of High Aspect Ratio Microstructures for Signature
    Management (MU-SIGMA)

  15. AFRL-0002 Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, and Reorient Experimental
    Satellites (SPHERES)

  16. USAFA-801 Charging Hazards and Wake Studies (CHAWS-LD)

  17. NRL-0004 Atmospheric Neutral Drag Experiment (ANDE)

  18. NRL-402 Shuttle Ionospheric Modification with Pulsed Localized Exhaust

  19. AFRL-0001 Vibro-Acoustic Launch Protection System (VALPE)

  20. NRL-0002 Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Instrument (MEGA)

  21. USAFA-0001 F Region Ionospheric Studies with the Micro-Electrostatic Analyzer

  22. NRL-0003 Destructive Orbital Debris Sensor (DODS, aka SPADUS II)

  23. AFRL-905 Relativistic Electron and Energetic Proton Experiment (REEPER)

  24. NRL-911 Computerized Ionospheric Tomography Receiver in Space (CITRIS)

  25. NRL-505 Coherent Electromagnetic Radio Tomography (CERTO)

  26. NRL-807 Global Upper Atmosphere Neutral Density Measurements by Stellar
    Occultations (GUANDSO)

  27. AFRL-906 MicroElectroMechanical Based Autonomous On-Orbit Satellite
    Inspection Experiment (MEPSI)

  28. NRL-306 Silicon X-Ray Imager (SIXI)

  29. NPS-0001 Naval Postgraduate School Spacecraft Architecture and Technology
    Demonstration (NPSAT1)

  30. AFRL-902 Wafer Scale Signal Processing (WSSP)

  31. AFRL-806 Active Cleaning Experiment for SBIRS-LOW (ACSIBRS, aka

  32. PL-703 MicroElectroMechanical Systems For Space Applications, Flight 2

  33. NRL-909 Orbiting Technology Testbed Initiative (OTTI)

  34. BMDO-0001 Lithium Ion Battery Space Flight Test (LiBFLT)

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