Significant Solar Flare Erupts on an Otherwise Dormant Sun

By Keith Cowing
September 12, 2000
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SOHO view of the sun According to the current NOAA/USAF Report of Solar-Geophysical Activity: “Analysis of solar active regions and activity from 11/2100Z
TO 12/2100Z: Solar activity became moderate. A classic Hyder flare was observed near S17W09 between approximately 12/1130 – 1330Z. The
M1/2N long duration, two ribbon flare began following the eruption of a 23 degree filament that extended from S12W18 TO S28E01. A Type
II radio sweep (shock speed near 1000 kms) and minor, gradual rise-fall centrimetric bursts accompanied the event. A full halo CME was also observed on LASCO imagery beginning at 12/1331Z. This significant event occurred on an otherwise remarkably dormant sun.
New regions 9162 (S32W36) and 9163 (S19W10) were numbered today, and join region 9161 (N05E38) as the only sunspot groups on the visibile disk.”

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