Open Source Processing of Hugens Images of Titan

By Keith Cowing
January 16, 2005
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Open Source Processing of Hugens Images of Titan

While ESA slowly releases images from Huygens, full collections of Huygens imagery have already been processed and refined well beyond anything ESA has done – and you can download them yourself.

See Amateur compositions of the Huygens images for one spectacular example. This mosaic shows the ‘drainiage systems’ at Huygens landing site. This panorama – in simulated colors, shows the location where Huygens landed from the air.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you can download all of the raw images yourself.

Why wait for ESA to get around to this – and have all the fun?

17 January 2005 Update: ESA has finally gotten around to posting the raw images from Huygen’s descent to Titan. They have also posted a spectacular montage showing the view from 10 km above Titan

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