NSync Band Member Lance Bass Hopes to Visit International Space Station

By Keith Cowing
February 19, 2002
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According to industry sources, NSync band member Lance Bass is in negotiations with MirCorp to fly on a Soyuz taxi mission to the ISS in November 2002. Bass is working with Destiny Productions to set up this trip. A formal announcement is expected tomorrow.

This would make Bass the third space tourist to visit the ISS. South African Mark Shuttleworth is due to fly to the ISS on a Soyuz taxi mission this Spring. American millionaire Dennis Tito flew to the ISS last year. The rumored cost of such a flight is $20 million.

Should this mission come to pass, at age 23, Bass would be the youngest person to ever fly in space. By coincidence, the announcement of his flight is expected to occur on 20 February 2002 – the 40th anniversary of John Genn’s historic first flight. Glenn later went on to become the oldest person to ever fly in space.

NASA recently released guidelines for all visitors to the ISS. Bass will be required to meet all of these requirements in order to fly to the ISS.

NSync is presently scheduled to perform at the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics on Sunday. Industry sources suggest that Bass may make mention of his mission at some point during the performance.


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