New Video: President George H. W. Bush’s tribute to Challenger Center

By Keith Cowing
January 26, 2011
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“On January 28, 1986, our nation lost seven heroes as the Challenger Space Shuttle was destroyed shortly after launch. It was a tragic day, etched in the minds of us all and in the history books of our nation. And yet tragedy let to triumph, as the families of the astronauts created an educational program to honor the astronauts and inspire the next generation. They formed the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, with a mission to “inspire, explore and learn”. Now with a national network of 48 Challenger Learning Centers, the program takes students on simulated missions to space, reaching 400,000 students every year – over 4,000,000 during our 25 year history. Join us for a year-long series of events, as we honor the legacy of the Challenger 7 heroes – and celebrate the accomplishments of the Challenger Learning Center network.”

For more information on the Challenger Center for Space Science Education please go to challenger.org/25

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