Nature Magazine Features Review of SpaceRef

By Keith Cowing
October 8, 2000
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Nature Net Guide

Nature Magazine has produced the first in a series of quarterly Net Guides (on Astronomy) “each of which will sample the best of what the web has to offer in a couple of scientific disciplines, based on recommendations from Nature’s staff and other experts in the fields in question.”

Nature’s Review:

“If you just want to know what’s going on beyond the earth on a day-to-day basis, this is about as good a site as you can get. It deals with
astronomy in all its forms as well as space science and commerce, covering both scientific issues – such as the break up of comet Linear – and
institutional issues, such as the funding threat to NASA’s Extreme UV Explorer. Run by the same people as the caustic, insiderish and well
informed Nasawatch and the more sedate Astrobiology Web, SpaceRef is not only often first with the news – as in the case of the evidence for
water near the Martian surface earlier this year – but also thorough in its discussions and generous in its links to all sorts of other sites.”

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