NASA Works on ISS Meteoroid and Space Debris Repair Kit

By Keith Cowing
December 12, 1999
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According to NASA MSFC: “KERMIt, a Kit for External Repair of Module Impacts, is now being developed at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Its purpose: to seal punctures in the International Space Station caused by collisions with meteoroids or space debris. The kit will enable crewmembers to seal punctures from outside damaged modules that have lost atmospheric pressure. Delivery of the kit for operational use is scheduled for next year. “

“Meteoroids and other space debris vary in size, shape, and composition, and the same is true of the holes these objects can produce. Patch size and
performance requirements are derived from a study of previous on-orbit impacts and ground-based meteoroid/debris impact simulations.

Thus, patches must be capable of sealing holes up to 4 inches in diameter, and cracks with a maximum length of 8 inches. Damage beyond such limits is
highly improbable; it is also significantly more difficult to repair damage exceeded those limits.”

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