NASA to try and launch Hubble mission no earlier than 16 December

By Keith Cowing
December 9, 1999
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(NASA Watch)

NASA has decided upon replacement of the dented LH2 recirculation manifold in Space Shuttle Discovery. The schedule currently being worked shows a tentative launch date of 16 December 1999 at 9:18 PM EST. If the landing occurs at that time, the mission would land after a nominal 10 day flight on 26 December 1999 at around 6:40 PM EST .

If NASA is forced to slip the launch to 17 December, the mission will probably be shortened by at least 1 day. A launch slip to 18 December would lead to a mission shortened by 2 days – the main deletion being one of the four planned EVAs.

NASA is intent upon landing no later than 28 December 1999 so as to be able to complete all landing and servicing operations and shut off all computers by midnight New Year’s Eve.

° Space Shuttle Status Report, NASA KSC

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manifold (MC271-0075-0017) on Space Shuttle Discovery, a NASA Watch exclusive.

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