NASA to Hold First Astrobiology Science Conference

By Keith Cowing
January 8, 2000
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[09 Jan 2000] According to NASA: ”
The First Annual Astrobiology Science Conference will be held at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, on 3-5 April 2000. The
purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists working in disciplines that contribute to astrobiology in a way that will facilitate interdisciplinary
interaction and communication. Unlike a number of recent planning workshops, the emphasis here will be on new and recent research results.”

The goals of the conference are:

  • To provide a forum at which state-of-the-art science results in the broad field of astrobiology can be presented and discussed among experts.

  • To allow researchers in fields that represent components of astrobiology to become acquainted with the science and scientists that make up the entire

  • To begin to build an astrobiology community that can bring everybody together.

NASA is interested in attracting participation from scientists doing esearch in the following areas:

  • Interstellar and interplanetary prebiotic chemistry
  • Origin and evolution of life on Earth
  • Life in extreme environments
  • Environmental requirements for life elsewhere
  • Possible habitats elsewhere in our solar system
  • Extrasolar planets-occurrence and formation
  • Co-evolution of planets and life
  • Biomarkers-our solar system and extrasolar planets
  • Extraterrestrial intelligence
  • Spacecraft missions and technology in the search for life
  • Philosophical and societal aspects of astrobiology
  • The future of terrestrial life in space

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