NASA Sets Launch Date for STS-101 to Keep the FGB Alive

By Keith Cowing
January 30, 2000
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[31 Jan 2000] On Thursday, 27 January 2000, the PRCB approved a STS-101 launch date of 13 April 2000. STS-101 is being adjusted so as to have a manifest designed to keep the FGB alive (without the Service Module if need be) until Dec 2000. Earlier press reports suggesting that this mission may not be needed seem to be in conflict with the pressure within NASA to launch STS-101 in March. The only reason NASA will not launch STS-101 in March is because KSC can’t get the Shuttle ready any sooner.

Meanwhile consideration of the CR (Change Request) that had been submitted to give STS-106 (the Service Module supply mission) a mid-August launch
was deferred to a PRCB in late February. NASA Watch sources have noted that the launch date in this Change Request is interesting because the Russians have said that a Service Module launch is now expected in late July/early August 2000. Meanwhile, STS-106 is supposed to be launched 35 days after the Service Module. A quick look at a calendar would suggest that STS-106 should be expected in September – not August.

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