NASA James Webb Space Telescope Fixes Need To Start On The 9th Floor

By Keith Cowing
November 12, 2010
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NASA James Webb Space Telescope Fixes Need To Start On The 9th Floor

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project started under NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Associate Administrator Ed Weiler. Virtually all of its chronic and unabated cost increases and schedule slips have occured under Weiler’s watch either at NASA HQ or at NASA GSFC. When former SMD AA Alan Stern tried to bring the escalating costs of programs such as JWST and Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) under control, in 2008, multiple NASA sources note that Chris Scoelese and Ed Weiler maneuvered to force Stern’s resignation, in a classic NASA “shoot the messenger” move, with Weiler taking Stern’s place within barely a week.

Meanwhile in a statement prepared for Bolden, it is evident that the agency is in complete denial when it comes to the severity of its escalating costs for government projects. Didn’t the recent election sent a rather clear message from the electorate with regard to their dissatisfaction with out of control government spending? Add in the soaring overruns on MSL (another Weiler managerial fiasco) and National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) – a project managed for the agency by Chris Scolese, and you see three large fiscal black holes sucking away at all the other things the agency is supposed to be doing for science, and exploration.

Bolden’s response? He wants Weiler and Scoelese to spend more time watching JWST. These two have presided over years of cost growth and schedule delays that have damaged multiple projects within SMD, and which now threaten to damage the Agency’s reputation as a whole. Perhaps it is Weiler and Scoelese that need to be changed out …

This latest cost increase/schedule delay happened throughout Charlie Bolden’s entire tenure with both Scolese and Weiler overseeing this program at NASA HQ under Bolden’s direct, daily management. Perhaps Gen. Bolden doesn’t realize his connection to the collective mismanagement of these projects is itself becoming as clear as the vacuum of space …

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