NASA Inspector General Doubts That NASA Can Meet DAR Laptop Implementation Deadline

By Keith Cowing
December 17, 2012
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NASA Inspector General Doubts That NASA Can Meet DAR Laptop Implementation Deadline

NASA’s Efforts to Encrypt its Laptop Computers, NASA OIG

NASA Unlikely to Meet December 21 Encryption Deadline: As a result of the October 31 laptop theft, NASA accelerated the deadline by which all ACES- managed laptop computers were to be equipped with a DAR solution from March 2013 to December 21 , 2012. The Agency estimates that this expedited encryption effort will cost at least $259,000, not including the time civil servants have devoted the project. The Agency also established the same deadline for encrypting non-ACES machines. In our judgment, it is extremely unlikely that the Agency will meet its December goal primarily because the Agency does not have a full account of the number of ACES and non-ACES laptops in its possession. Without knowing the full universe of laptops that require encryption, the Agency cannot be sure that all of its laptops are protected with whole-disk encryption software.”

According to NASA PAO: “NASA takes information technology security very seriously and thanks the Inspector General for its recommendations for further strengthening NASA’s systems. Most recently, NASA has accelerated its commitment to encrypting all agency laptops, encrypting more than 11,000 agency laptops in just the last few weeks. NASA has also implemented new policies and processes that will prevent future losses of personally identifiable information, such as directing that no NASA-issued laptops containing sensitive information can be removed from a NASA facility unless whole disk encryption software is enabled or the sensitive files are individually encrypted.”

DAR Implementation Email from LaRC Center Director Lesa Roe, earlier post

“The Administrator has told all of his direct reports that he expects 100 percent completion by the 21st or it will be reflected in our performance. For clarity, I will do the same with each of you. I think you all know this but I will state it clearly … this isn’t an option … it is mandatory for employment”

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