NASA Flies Huggies in Space

By Keith Cowing
December 30, 2005
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NASA Flies Huggies in Space

Editor’s note: If you look in the lower right hand corner of this recent Expedition 12 image (and this image) you will see what certainly appears to be a package of a Huggies product wedged upside down behind a handrail. Here in the U.S. Huggies are a popular brand name of diapers and other related products. It is hard to tell exactly what product this is. I am guessing that this is a package of cleaning wipes of some sort. Then again, astronauts do wear adult-sized diapers during EVAs, launch, and landing…

Editor’s update: A number of readers – most of them parents – have confirmed that the package is indeed cleaning wipes. Several other people who I spent time with in the arctic on Devon Island also chimed in. You see, these are a common item you take with you when you are going to live in a tent for a month and showers are hard to come by. For the record, I prefer “Splash N’ Go” made by Kleenex.

Reader note: Huggies are popular with the troops as well. I used them to polish my boots and for general cleaning tasks when water was not available. [link]”

Of course, NASA has to have documentation for everything that flies in space – and the Huggies are no different. These NASA drawings specify the container that holds the Huggies in space. Curiously, I don’t see any specification for the Winnie the Pooh images that appear on the container in this photo.

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