NASA Desert RATS 2010: Challenger Center Hardware Arrives at JSC

By Keith Cowing
August 4, 2010
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NASA Desert RATS 2010: Challenger Center Hardware Arrives at JSC

As was the case in 2009, Green Trail Energy has partnered with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education to provide logistical and technical support for Education and Public Outreach to be done at NASA’s annual Desert RATS activity in Arizona in a few weeks. This activity is made possible by a Space Act Agreement between NASA and the Challenger Center.

The GSW7000 with with solar panels fully deployed and wind generator and tower ready for full deployment to 100 feet. [larger view]

Above is a panoramic view of Desert RATS hardware being assembled at NASA JSC on 4 August. In the foreground is a new habitat. To the right is the GSW7000 portable power system aka the “Power Droid”. [Larger view] [much larger view]

The GSW7000, whose utilization is being donated to this activity by Green Trail Energy, can provide 2.4 KW of wind power and 4.4 KW of solar power. With its extendable 110 foot tower, it can also serve as a cell phone node and provide WiFi and WiMAX connectivity. This unit can be deployed by one person and be operational 30 minutes after arrival at a remote location. The entire unit compacts into the volume of a standard shipping container and can be pulled by a 1 ton pick up truck

The GSW7000 with solar panels partially deployed, tower in transport configuration at NASA JSC 4 August 2010. [larger view]

The GSW7000 with wind generator and tower stowed in transport mode. [larger view]

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