NASA Defines the composition of its “Decadal Planning Team”

By Keith Cowing
October 29, 2001
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According to an internal NASA memo regarding the Decadal Planning Team (DPT): “The DPT will be a small team (about 15) NASA civil servants and JPL employees. It will be selected by and report to a Steering Committee co-chaired by the Associate Administrators for Space Flight and Space Science.”

This team is an effort put together by OSF AA Joe Rothenberg and OSS AA Ed Weiler to scope out the next decade of human and robotic exploration of the solar system. The National Research Council is currently in the midst of a Decadal study – one that enlists the various research and engineering communities.

  • A New Strategy for Solar System Exploration, Space Studies Board, NRC

  • Planetary Community Decadal Study Website, American Astronomical Society

    Some current Decadal Study White Papers circulating amount the space science community (note: all are drafts)

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