Io’s Volcanoes Are Polluting the Solar System

By Keith Cowing
May 3, 2000
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Io's Volcanic Sulfur PlumeAccording to NASA JPL; “Fiery volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io are the main source of dust streams that flow from the Jupiter system into the rest of the solar system,
according to new findings from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft analyzed by an international team of scientists.” In placing this discovery in context, NASA notes that “the Jovian dust streams, with their Io source, are minor when compared to the huge amounts of dust created in the solar system by comet activity and asteroid collisions. Nonetheless, they add to the variety of dust sources in the solar system. In fact, the Jovian dust streams travel so fast that
some particles can actually leave the solar system to join the local interstellar medium — the gas and dust that fill the space between stars.”

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