Interesting Education Video from ExxonMobil: Everyone Wants To Go (Back) To The Moon

By Keith Cowing
June 26, 2012
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ExxonMobil: “The United States ranks 17th in the world in science. It’s time to raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. Let’s do what’s best for our students by investing in our teachers. Find out more at exxonmobil.com/letssolvethis

Keith’s note: This video is playing as an advertisement on the CNN.com homepage right now. Look at all the other nation’s flags on the Moon. This is a more subtle – yet still blunt way to send a message about the importance of education and technological preeminence to America – instead of adopting NASA Astronaut Andy Thomas’ earlier clumsy and crude method wherein Chinese astronauts are shown to have trampled the American flag left on the lunar surface as they plant their own.

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