Inaccurate Space Station Slam Article by Popular Mechanics

By Keith Cowing
January 4, 2003
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  • 30 December 2002: Lost In Space, Popular Mechanics

    “Cobbled together from leftover Apollo moon-program hardware during the height of the Cold War, [Skylab’s] highly publicized experiments were largely a cover story for its real mission: spying on the Soviets.”

    Editor’s note: this article has a rather substantial amount of conspiracy mongering and conclusion leaping contained within – all weaved together with selective quoting out of context. A quintessential slam piece, I must say. Moreover, this magazine’s editors don’t seem to know the difference between Mir and ISS (note the photo they use). Oh well, accuracy doesn’t seem to be what they were after.

    Oh yes: with regard to the author’s claim that Skylab was “spying on the Soviets”. Get a grip.

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