Grass Roots Web Effort seeks to Save Iridium

By Keith Cowing
March 31, 2000
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SAVE IRIDIUM ! From the “Save Iridium” website: “What is Iridium? According to their website, Iridium is the world’s first handheld global satellite telephone and paging network. According to the media reports, they spent an amazing seven billion dollars to put 66 satellites into orbit.

Who we are: Save Our Sats is a group of concerned individuals joining together with the common goal of creating the world’s first orbiting Open Source public network. We believe that destroying orbiting resources worth billions of dollars is an egregious error of epic proportions. With effort, dedication, money and commitment, we can save these 66 satellites and turn them into a network that will serve the people who utilise it in ways yet unimagined by today’s current technological standards.”

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