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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report October 11, 2001

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October 11, 2001
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Fourth EMU for STS-109/HST SM3B

The Space Shuttle Program requested the EVA Project Office to assess the capability to add a fourth EMU to STS-109/HST to provide additional fault tolerance and operational flexibility. USA/FCE can support manifesting a fourth EMU on STS-109 without impacting the EMU Logistics Plan. The next EMU EVA Support Equipment List (ESEL) will reflect the addition of the fourth EMU.

ISS-3 EVA #2, Oct 8, 2001

The 100th EVA for the Russian space program was conducted on October 8, 2001. The length of the EVA was four hours 58 minutes. Objectives successfully completed included installation of four on-orbit installed handrails, connection of the Tranzit cable, installation of multi layer insulation on the Docking Compartment, thermal evaluation of the baseline gloves, installation of the egress ladder, installation of the Russian video camera, Strella operator post and boom installation, removal and installation of Kurs antenna and docking target and final confirmation of four AO-BKA antenna deployment. Both MLI covers for the docking target and Kurs antenna were jettisoned as planned. Small droplets of potential thruster contamination were reported on the docking target MLI. The MLI was rolled up as agreed to pre-flight to minimize risk of crew contact. During the EVA a crewmember reported that his LCD display appeared “blurry”. The LCD is not critical for EVA because alarms and helmet lighted LEDÕs is the primary indicators for cautions. The suit manufacturer, Zvevda, and the Orlan Expertise team are investigating the issue. The Orlan gloves were inspected and wiped down with a towel. There was no obvious contamination, but the gloves and towel were bagged per the agreed to procedures.

ISS-3 EVA #3 Readiness Review MMT

A review of planned activities for the October 15, 2001, EVA #3 was conducted at the October 10, 2001 MMT. Tasks planned for EVA #3 include installation of MPAC & SEEDS, removal of the “Russian Federation flag” from the SM and installation of the “Kodak” logo, installation of the Kromka experiment and Orlan glove thermal enhancement evaluation. The MMT addressed the issue of contamination concerns associated with installation near the Service Module zenith thruster. RSC-E responded that they had considered NASA concerns, RSC-E proposed installation of Kromka on the port yaw thruster. This resolves the issues associated with visible contamination on and around the Zenith thruster and crossing the port thruster to reach this worksite. A Subsequent telecon with RSC-E confirmed that we will use the same approach and procedures to address inadvertent contact with unexpected residue and crew identification of visible residue. The MMT on October 12, 2001 will address final closure of open actions.

STS-111/UF-2 Service Module Debris Panel (SMDP) Update

The current plan for UF-2 is that the Shuttle EVA Crew of Franklin Chang-Diaz and Phillippe Perrin will temporarily stow the SMDP bundle on PMA1. Joint US/Russian Hardware is being developed to allow stowing the shields on an Articulating Portable Foot Restraint (APFR). Currently, the Russian Strela crane is stowed on this APFR, but it is scheduled to be moved during an increment four Orlan EVA. The SMDPs will be permanently installed onto the Service Module during an increment EVA. The ISSP is currently looking into which increment team will perform the EVA . The preference is for the increment 5 crew being launched on UF-2 to install the SMDPs. Training schedules for the increment 5 crew are being negotiated with the Russians.

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