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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report November 30, 2000

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November 30, 2000
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EMU Executive Program Review

The EMU Executive Program Review was held on November 15-16, 2000, at ILC, Dover, Delaware. The review was chaired by Mr. Gregory Harbaugh, and attended by Mr. Homer Reihm, ILC president, and Mr. Ed Francis, HSSSI president. Major topics of discussion were Integration and Planning, Anomaly Analysis and Life Extension, Production and Refurbishments, Design and Development and Flight Readiness. Of note throughout the review was the impact of the SOP Contamination issue on the hardware availability, delivery schedules and manpower. In general, the program is still recovering from the SOP contamination issue and PLSS 1018 drop. Though the program is operating with minimal hardware, schedule and manpower margin, there are plans in place to support flight through the next year.

Orbiter EMU Integration Test

The Orbiter to EMU integration test, V1103.02, for STS-97 was completed on November 16, 2000. All three EMUs planned for this flight were checked out with OV-105 interfaces and performed as expected. Due to a situation with EMU water cleanliness concerns, additional testing to the water supply system and a deviation to the normal V1103.02 procedure were performed. Potential contamination from Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) was traced to installation of new filter assemblies in the Servicing and Cooling Umbilicals (SCU) attached to the Orbiter airlock. A bead of Betadine ointment is used as a stericide in case there is leakage across the seals in a filter within the SCU. Water samples from the OV-105 SCU’s did reveal the presence of PEG contamination however a flush procedure was performed which successfully brought the contamination levels within acceptable limits. In addition, the water in the EMUs was tested prior to shipment and therefore a water top off was required during the V1103.02 testing. Overall no safety or performance risk is associated with this contamination, however the presence of PEG in the water system does require additional cleaning and processing of EMUs prior to next use.

Addition of 3rd EVA to 5A.1

As a result of detailed evaluations of the 5A.1 EVA NBL runs it was determined that the Pump Flow Control System transfer and the Rigid Umbilical connection task could not be completed in the allotted times for EVA 1 and EVA 2. The proposed recommendation, which was approved by the 11/15/00 EVA CCB and PRCB, was to add a third, 14.7psi EVA with a 4:30 duration. The decision was also made to protect consumables for a 4th, unscheduled 14.7psi EVA.

S0-Lab-Node2 Fluid Rigid Umbilical Fit Check

The EVA Project Office supported a KSC flight hardware fit check November 7 of the unpressurized S0-Lab-Node2 rigid umbilical that is launched pressurized on 8A and deployed and vented prior to 10A to connect Node2 Thermal Control System plumbing. Overall the fit check proved basic structural fit but additional testing is planned to address line length and pressurized connector alignment. The rigid umbilical hinge could be deployed, the structure could be connected to S0, and 3 of 4 fluid lines were long enough. One was too short to reach from S0 to the umbilical hinge. In addition, the test support equipment constrained the hinge, which sets the fluid connectors at an artificially precise position, perhaps providing alignment assistance that will not be present on orbit. Additional testing is planned for February 2001, using a lengthened line, improved test support equipment, and pressurized lines.

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