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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report July 12, 2001

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July 12, 2001
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Joint NASA-NASDA EVA Technical Interchange Meeting

The EVA Project Office conducted a weeklong EVA Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) with visiting engineers from the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA). The meeting was held June 25-29, 2001, and the primary focus was to review the overall EVA readiness of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) assembly for flight. All but one of the major components, which comprise the JEM system, has been delivered to NASDA at the Tsukuba Space Center. The last component, the Pressurized Module, will arrive in September 2001. NASDA is planning to conduct a comprehensive certification review of the entire JEM system to insure overall readiness for flight. Since EVA plays a significant role in the assembly and maintenance of the JEM element, XA has been working closely with NASDA to accurately coordinate the results of several years of EVA neutral buoyancy testing, analysis, tool fit checks, and flight hardware inspections. The first phase of the NASDA review process is planned to take place in October-November 2001. The EVA Project Office is planning to support this review in Japan, and will continue to work closely with NASDA to insure future EVA success aboard JEM.

EMU Performance Based Contract Review

On June 19, 2001, the EVA Project Office supported a Performance Based Contract Review for the EMU Contract, chaired by Mr. Randy Gish, Director, Office of Procurement. The Contracting Officer and the COTR presented an overview of the contract structure, contract direction process, risk management, and status of open contract direction. In addition, a draft of the revised Surveillance Plan was reviewed and discussed in detail. No major findings or actions were addressed as part of the review.

Extra Large Hard Upper Torso (HUT) Arm Fit Check

Reach and mobility evaluations were performed with a pair of extra large prototype upper arms. Preliminary results, with one test subject and one crewmember, indicate that these arms provide improved reach and mobility over the existing enhanced upper arms. Historically, subjects with shorter arms have trouble reaching several of the Display and Control Module (DCM) switches, the D-rings on the Lower Torso Assembly (LTA) and the SAFER actuation switch. These reach problems particularly exist with the extra large Planar Hard Upper Torso (HUT). As part of the Small EMU development program, a set of new upper arms was designed. The small subjects and crewmembers saw significant improvement in reach. Because the improvement in reach was so great, a single set of prototype arms of this same design was then developed to interface with the medium, large and extra large Planar HUT’s. Additional evaluations with medium, large and extra large HUT’s, both in the lab and the NBL, will be required before a decision can be made on the implementation of this new upper arm design.

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