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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report August 16, 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
August 16, 2001
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ISS-4 Midflow Review

The EVA Project Office and the Mission Operations Directorate personnel presented the ISS-4 Midflow Review at the EVA Project Office’s Configuration Control Board. The briefing covered updates to the three Stage UF-1 Russian and two Stage 8A U.S. planned Increment EVA’s. The Russian EVA tasks include transferring Strela, installing thruster deflectors and Ham radio antennas, and Russian segment maintenance activities. The U.S. EVA tasks are to complete S0 truss assembly tasks. The impact if Russian Segment Docking Compartment 1 activation tasks moved from Increment-3 to Increment-4 were also discussed. The briefing also presented the updated EMU, SAFER, and Orlan logistics plans for the increment.

Electronic Control Unit Remove and Replace (R&R) EVA

The EVA Project Office is coordinating a plan with MOD and ISS to conduct an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) remove and replace (R&R) EVA during Increment 3. Preliminary thermal analysis indicates that the ECU lower temperature limits will not be exceeded during an ISS-3 EVA; therefore a thermal bag is not necessary. Investigation of performing the task during one of the three existing DC-1 based EVA’s versus a joint airlock EVA has been completed. There is not adequate time within the three-scheduled Russian EVA’s to conduct the ECU R&R, therefore, either Russian EVA content would need to be deleted or an additional EVA is required during the increment. An end-to-end NBL run has been scheduled for August 30, 2001. At this time, no program decision has been made regarding completion of an ECU changeout during ISS-3. Based on examination of the schedule, the EVA Project Office is positioning to respond and conduct an ECU EVA in early September 2001, before the launch and subsequent activation activities for the DC1.


The Docking Compartment 1 (DC-1) EVA CoFR was held Tuesday August 14, 2001. Points of discussion included the DC-1 crew equipment interface test (CEIT), which is not scheduled to take place until August 22-23, 2001. Results from CEIT such as sharp edge eradication and labels inspection may not be available to support the SORR scheduled on August 23, 2001. Three issues were highlighted at the EVA CoFR. The first concerns U.S. review of the English language procedures for DC-1 operation. The procedures have not been delivered nor translated for an adequate review by HSG personnel. If they are not available for review by August 15, 2001, this issue will be elevated to Team 0. The second involves fit check status. Energia has not responded on the status of two open fit check items (EVA on-orbit installed handrails and the egress ladder interface) that were to be repeated. The Joint EVA Working Group (JEWG) will discuss these items. The final issue addressed sharp edge inspection, which the EVA Project Office had formally requested to be included during CEIT. The EVA Project Office will confirm that Energia is planning this test during CEIT at the August 20, 2001, JEWG. These issues will be presented at the DC-1 SORR.

UF-1 EVA Midflow Review

The UF-1 EVA Team presented the EVA midflow review on August 10, 2001. The UF-1 flight currently has no planned EVA’s, but is protecting for one launch on need (LON) EVA to install the Plasma Contactor Unit. The team also discussed the likely addition on the Bearing Module Roll Ring Motor (BMRRM) task. There were no major open items discussed at the review.

Beta Gimbal Assembly (BGA) High Current Anomaly

Work continues on the BGA high current anomaly. EVA teams are working on both the BMRRM and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ORU change outs, although official procedure development through MOD has yet to be directed formally. The ECU is being considered for an Increment 3 EVA and BMRRM is being considered for UF-1. A special Vehicle Control Board on August 8, 2001, concurred with the BGA Anomaly Resolution Team recommendation to perform an ECU R&R during Increment 3 and to start training the UF-1 crew for the BMRRM task. A discussion was held at the SSPCB, and they concurred with the recommendation to start preparing for a BMRRM R&R. As such, the EVA team will begin training and flight specific procedure development. A more detailed discussion is scheduled for the SSPCB next week.

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