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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report August 16, 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
August 16, 2000
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EMU O2 Contamination Recovery Status – Update 8/16

On Sunday morning (8/13) USA received the first of three Secondary Oxygen Packages (SOP) reconditioned to support the STS-106 mission. The second SOP has completed acceptance testing at Hamilton Sundstrand and should be delivered to USA by 8/17, six days ahead of schedule. The third and final SOP is in acceptance testing and pending a positive outcome should be available for shipment by next Monday (8/21), five days ahead of need date. In parallel, work was completed on installation of dual-reactor cold trap filters in line with one of the SOP test stands at USA. USA has completed charging of the first SOP to support flight utilizing the new filtering system.

2A.2b Status

The EVA Project Office, the EVA supporting organizations and our EVA Russian partners conducted the EVA Certification of Flight Readiness (CoFR) 2 review for STS-106 on August 7, 2000. All issues identified at the CoFR review will be presented at the Stage Operations Readiness Review (SORR) and closed out by the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) on August 29th. The EVA team also participated in the EVA simulation on August 10th and 11th. Lessons learned from the simulation will be incorporated for flight.

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) Status

The NBL team presented an operations status. For the third consecutive month no training runs were lost for any reason, 100% of the scheduled training runs were utilized. 97.75% of the objectives for the runs for the last six months have been accomplished. The NBL successfully completed a week of maintenance in July; including upgrading the communications system and environmental control system computers, doing maintenance and calibration of the breathing gas system.

STS-92 Delta Launch Package Readiness Review (DLPRR)

The EVA Project Office presented the EVA open work at the STS-92 (3A) DLPRR on August 8, 2000. All the open work is considered low risk to payload integration and flight operations and closure plans are in place. The open work consists of two fit checks on the Z1 truss element and installation of cable tie wraps to restrain the Z1 bowtie panel. One fit check will verify access for contingency release of the Flight Releasable Grapple Fixture (FRGF) with the ISS pry bar; the second fit check will check the tool clearance on the Rocketdyne Truss Attachment System (RTAS) bolt#3. Clearance issues were identified at CEIT between the tool for this bolt and both an RTAS blanket strap and a CMG. This work was completed on August 14, 2000. There were no EVA exceptions for DLPRR.

Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP)

The EVA Project Office supported the ASAP visit with a presentation on the overall EVA readiness to support the ISS Program. The briefing covered the status of operations and hardware readiness for ISS assembly flight and increment EVA’s. The EVA team is ready to meet the challenge of ISS EVA.

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