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XA/EVA Project Office Weekly Activity Report 11 Jan 2001

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January 11, 2001
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ISS Orlan Spacesuit Checkout

On January 4- 5, 2001, the ISS crew conducted the initial inspection, assembly and checkout of the two Orlan spacesuits in the Service Module (SM) Transfer Compartment airlock. Spacesuit functionality was nominal in all respects except with regard to audio communications with the SM Audio Telemetry Unit (ATU). The audio transmission was of poor quality and experienced interference with an unknown third party. It is likely that the SM ATU is the source of the problem, rather than the Orlan suits, since the condition was present in both the hard-line and radio frequency transmission modes. Given the poor quality of the audio transmission, it is not clear whether the Orlan EVA system is usable in its present condition. The JSC EVA community is working with the ISS Communications and Tracking team to understand the root cause and assist RSC Energia with corrective action.

Flight Lab Cradle Assembly (LCA) to Keel Pin Fit Check

On 12/19/00 ISSP directed the EVA Project Office to conduct a partial gravity simulator (POGO) test between the LCA Mockup (with a flight sleeve inserted) and the “oversized” keel pin that was manufactured to verify that the two interfaces could be mated EVA. On 12/21/00 the test was performed with MOD and the 5A.1 crew and no issues were generated. The lab Functional Configuration Audit paperwork, which was open for this issue, has since been closed.

Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) Crew Equipment Interface Test (CEIT)

The 5A.1 ICC CEIT was performed on 1/6/01 at the Spacehab facility at KSC. The CEIT event consisted of interfacing all ORU’s on the ICC. The crew was also allowed to untorque bolts and unroll an Early Ammonia Servicer (EAS) cable. There were two issues that the crew squawked during the event. The first was on a bolt that held down the EAS to the ICC. Upon removal of the bolt, it began to bind and possibly gall in the nut plate. The Spacehab team is investigating the issue and should have a resolution plan by week ending 1/19/01. There appears to be a specific order in which the bolts need to be removed. The ORU provider is also looking into the issue. The second crew squawk was on the Lab Cradle Assembly. There were specific labels that were missing on the Ready to Latch Indicators. The ORU provider is working the resolution plan.

EMU Small Suit Rephase

The EVA Project Office will initiate changes in the development of the EMU small suit program as part of the International Space Station cost reduction activities for FY01 and FY02. Slowing down the development phase of the program and pushing some of the work into future years will achieve aggregate cost savings of approximately $1.8M in FY01 and $1.2M in FY02. These changes will result in a program delay of approximately 18 months, with the first small suit being delivered to NASA by September 2004.

Node 2 Phase 2 NBL Verification Test

On December 4-8, 2000, the EVA Project Office conducted an NBL verification test of work sites on Node 2 and its attached elements. Key test objectives were evaluation of primary and secondary translation paths, access to replace six heat exchangers, access to contingency release interfaces on grapple fixtures, and installation of the video signal converter. The test showed that access to heat exchanger fluid lines is highly restricted. Further testing with pressurized lines will be scheduled to assess the extent of the required reach of a crewmember. In addition, testing showed that use of the Japanese Experiment Module end-cone handrails is preferred over use of a portion of the Node 2 primary translation path. The preferred path will be documented in the EVA Interface Control Document #SSP30256. All remaining test objectives were successfully met.

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