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Workshop Recommendations: Visible-Infrared Spectroscopy of Mars: Laboratory and Field Community Data Sets

By SpaceRef Editor
January 27, 2003
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Held December 9th, San Francisco Sponsored by the Lunar and Planetary Institute


Interpretations of visible-infrared spectral data sets of Mars build a
critical foundation for geologic and climatic interpretations, and
landing site selection. However, an effective response to the
upcoming influx of Mars data will require well-rounded experience in
field spectroscopy and strong public spectral libraries. An open
community meeting was held to address gaps in those areas.


Laboratory studies cannot replicate or uncover all the spectral and
instrumentation complexities that are present outside. Researchers
need to gain experience in the complexities of interpreting real
world data. Focused field experience should be supported in order to:

–Train interpreters and operators for Mars data and instruments

–Test ideas and aid in tying orbital/aircraft views to
surface/rover/lander views

–Build experience in issues such as detection limits, uncertainties,
measurement protocols, calibration, interpretation techniques,
atmospheric compensation, and theory. This is analogous to the
critical experience gained through rover field testing.


Public spectral libraries provide a foundation for interpretation of
remotely acquired data. There is a gap in motivating and facilitating
the transfer of privately held data into the public domain. A
primary roadblock is the complexity of transferring and accessing
data within the NASA Planetary Data System. To address this, the PDS

–Implement a user-friendly interface for researchers to transfer and
access laboratory and telescopic data

–Establish a census of existing publicly available data

–Establish a means to prioritize archiving needs Field and airborne
data bases are considerably more complex to archive. There is no
simple mechanism to address this.

Further information is on-line:

**A calendar of Mars-related meetings has also been added:

The next meeting will be an informal lunch during LPSC for the vis-
infrared community, including Raman and LIBS.

SpaceRef staff editor.