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W A R C — ‘The Hubbard Report’ Goes Live May 11, 2004

By SpaceRef Editor
May 13, 2004
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Date: Tue, 11 May 2004

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Subject: W A R C — ‘The Hubbard Report’ Goes Live May 11, 2004

TO: Resident Staff

FROM: David R. Morse, Chief, Public Affairs Division

SUBJECT: W A R C — ‘The Hubbard Report’ Goes Live May 11, 2004

On May 11, NASA Ames Research center will launch an important new communication
tool accessible to all on-site personnel. W A R C, the center’s new internal
‘radio’ station will broadcast its first session ‘live’ on the Ames Intranet
with important news and information — direct from our Center Director Scott

Scott and the Ames senior management team are committed to making sure that
everyone at NASA Ames is fully informed about important developments, events
and happenings at the center. Scott also wants to address directly and promptly
any concerns or rumors that are making the rounds.

With that in mind, W A R C will broadcast unique interviews and points of view,
new developments at Ames and throughout the agency, and ‘hall talk’ — topics
that people are talking about or interested in, but for which they may not
otherwise be able to get accurate information. W A R C will provide all this
and more.

We hope this service will keep everyone at Ames informed and up-to-date on
topics and developments of interest and concern. We see it as another
communication tool in addition to the existing periodic ‘Team Talks, with
Deputy Center Director Allen Flynt, and the Director’s Studio sessions with

Please check out the URL for W A R C at:
Please bookmark this page for future reference and access.

W A R C will be ‘on the air’ on an approximately monthly schedule or when
circumstances and events warrant.

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