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Voyager and Altius Space Machines Celebrate First Successful Launch of 2022

By SpaceRef Editor
February 18, 2022
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February 10 marked a major milestone for Voyager Space and Altius Space Machines: not only was this our first successful launch of 2022, but it also marks over 300 DogTags™ having launched into space! An Arianespace Soyuz rocket lifted off from French Guiana, carrying 34 OneWeb satellites, all equipped with Altius DogTags to support future end-of-life operations and mitigate future space debris as part of OneWeb’s Responsible Space program.

Altius’ DogTag grapple fixture is a commercially available universal grappling point for satellites which supports a variety of grappling approaches, including mechanical, magnetic and electrostatic. We’re especially proud of the DogTags’ ability to help mitigate the growing space debris problem by making it easier to de-orbit non-functioning satellites. DogTags can also be used to tug functional satellites to new orbits and act as anchor points for satellite servicing.

Across Voyager, we are proud to work with companies like OneWeb who are actively committed to leaving no trace in space and continue to advocate for space environmental stewardship to aid in orbital debris management. While there are many benefits to space being so accessible today, we also recognize the significant responsibility in keeping activity in space open, safe, and sustainable.

We’re looking forward to a continuing our focus on space sustainability and debris mitigation.

SpaceRef staff editor.