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Venus Upper Atmosphere Science and Technology Interchange Meeting

By SpaceRef Editor
December 16, 2012
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A meeting is planned for January 24th, 2013 to discuss Venus upper atmosphere investigations. The meeting main purposes are:

1. Foster a science discussion on goals, objectives, priorities, and significance of the Venus upper atmosphere and how Venus upper atmosphere science would contribute to overall exploration of Venus and how it may contribute to comparative science 2. Discuss the desired measurements and measurement requirements to achieve potential Venus upper atmosphere science 3. Discuss spacecraft concepts and technologies that could reach the Venus UA and collect and return the desired data

The meeting will be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute at NASA Glenn in Cleveland, Ohio. Attendance at the meeting is free but registration is strongly encouraged. Registration and additional information are available at:

A tour of the nearly completed NASA Glenn Extreme Environment Rig (GEER) will be made available for those arriving the afternoon of the 23rd. When complete, the GEER will be able to accurately simulate the environments in the Venus atmosphere and on its surface.

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